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Job Title: Administrator

Job Qualifications
  • Must be 21 years or older.

  • Have knowledge of applicable laws and rules.

  • Have ability to deliver or direct delivery of care to residents.

  • Be of good moral character.

  • Complete and pass the background screening process.

  • Complete a department approved certification program within six months of hire.

Job Responsibilities
  • Be on the premises a sufficient number of hours in the business day, and other times necessary, to manage and administer the facility.

  • Designate in writing, a competent employee, 21 years of age or older, to act as administrator when the administrator is unavailable for immediate contact.

  • Recruit, employ, and train the number of licensed and unlicensed staff needed to provide services.

  • Verify all required licenses and permits of staff and consultants at the time of hire.

  • Maintain facility staffing records for the preceding 12 months.

  • Admit and retain only those residents who meet admissions criteria and whose needs can be met by the facility.

  • Review quarterly every injury, accident, and incident to a resident or employee and document appropriate corrective action.

  • Complete an investigation whenever there is reason to believe that a resident has been subject to abuse, neglect, or exploitation.

  • Report all suspected abuse, neglect, or exploitation and document appropriate action if the alleged violation is verified.

  • Notify the resident’s responsible person within 24 hours of significant changes or deterioration of the resident’s health, and ensure the resident’s transfer to an appropriate health care facility if the resident requires services beyond the scope of the facility’s license.

  • Conduct and document regular inspections of the facility to ensure it is safe from potential hazards.

  • Complete, submit, and file all records and reports required by the Department of Health.

  • Conduct tours and provide information to potential future residents of availability and services of the facility.

  • Conduct Monthly in-service and staff training to policies and procedures of the facility.

  • Conduct and attend Executive and/or Department head meetings weekly.

  • Approve all financial decisions with upper management prior to expense incurred.

  • Perform quality and assurance meetings with management quarterly. Meetings will include identifying and acting on all quality issues regarding facility.

  • Maintain log with resident significant changes in condition with follow up facility action and response.

  • And All other duties as assigned by the management company.

Universal Precautions

Exposure to blood/bodily fluids is likely.

Physical Requirements

Has the ability to do the occasional heavy lifting (up to 40 lbs).

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